OTP SMS service helps to save the time and heavy data volumes that is consumed in the confirmation process. By collaborating with best bulk SMS providers — VSMS, OTP SMS services strengthen your business by providing your customers a secure way of authentication. OTP services play vital role in all types of online transactions wherever authorised verification is required.

How OTP SMS works

  • End user requests access to the client interface.
  • Using our API, the panel sends the code generation request from the specific mobile number to Route Mobile.
  • Route Mobile then generates a random code and sends it to the end user via SMS.
  • The end user enters the code in client’s user interface.
  • The client then sends the code back to
  • Route Mobile for verification.
  • Route Mobile will verify and send the result back to the client.

Best OTP SMS services provided by VSMS:

  • A route specifically allocated for delivering OTP SMS
  • User friendly API’s to integrate route OTP with your systems
  • Instant delivery of OTP SMS
  • Cost effective
  • Reliable gateway